Indigenous Community Health Service

Bidgerdii Community Health Service is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled primary health care service, operating in the Rockhampton and Central Queensland region for more than 30 years. The organisation is a bulk billing community controlled health service, managed by a Board of Directors who oversee and manage the strategic directions of the service.

Bidgerdii provide comprehensive primary health and well-being services to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in the Rockhampton and surrounding regions. Bidgerdii advocate for, and involve, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community in primary health and well-being care. Bidgerdii collaborate with health and well-being partner agencies to enable integrated continuity of care for the community, and continue to work to contribute to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy and program reform in Queensland.

The name ‘Bidgerdii’ means healing plant and the bark of the plant was used for tobacco, and the leaves are used for healing such as sores or rashes. The Bidgerdii logo of two crossed leaves was designed by Ms Lorraine Lawton.

Privacy Statement

Email and Communication Policy

Bidgerdii Community Health Service commits to providing a safe and secure environment which is free from discrimination and harassment and where all employees, Board Members, Clients, Customers, Visitors and Volunteers are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Our organisation also has an obligation to treat all complaints of discrimination, victimisation, sexual harassment, vilification or seeking unnecessary information on which discrimination might be based seriously.

All complaints and compliments will be handled confidentially and impartially, investigated promptly and recommendations implemented.

If you wish to provide Feedback to the Service, please complete the form on the “Contact” page and submit.  All feedback will be treated with respect, sensitivity and confidentiality.  Feedback is acknowledged within 2 business days of receipt.  Where the matter requires investigation, this may take up to 20 business days to finalise.

Clients, their families and community members can provide Feedback on a Confidential basis or anonymously if they wish, and be assured that their identity will be protected.   Please note however, that a response can only be given by those clients who provide their names and details.